Friday, May 25, 2007

Live with Power (Part 1)

When the playing field is level
it is the player
who decides by his choice
if his living will be power-filled,
or a scramble
to make ends meet.
It is the choices
he makes that decide his standard of living
and the company he keeps.

Too many people choose poverty because
they are not aware
there are other options.
They do not know that power is within.
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The world of abundance does not exist
in their sphere of
life. They only experience their environments of
unfulfilled dreams.
And if they know that other
choices could be made, they do not know how to
make them
operational in order to acquire the
desired results.
Such knowledge comes from
training, or, the fruits of culture.

The Civil Rights Movement in America
has not put
enough emphasis on this aspect of need.
Neither has
the movement highlighted the
importance of money-making as a strategy for social change.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Get Rich, Get Power

Live with Power

Life is about power.
Without it, you are poor.
To be poor is to be powerless.
Poverty is the prize for
powerlessness. I wish I had discovered
that truth when I was young and energetic.
To die poor is to waste a life. That is the
reward for a failed life.

We spend billions of dollars each
year educating young people but
we do not tell them that their goal should
be to create wealth because it translates into
power. Getting an education just to work
for an employer for most of your life is
not the most profitable way to use your
new skills and knowledge. Make real money
with them. Not monthly paycheck money.

In the fifth chapter of Godism: Discovering

the Power to Live,
a religion from the East tells its members
that it is better to labor for little in your own
vineyard, than to labor for more in the vineyard of
your employer. The message is, be your
own boss.

The founders of some of the most
powerful families knew that, so they set
out to create wealth by whatever means
necessary. To such people, slavery was
necessary, therefore, they used religion
to justify it. Slavery was their platform for
industrial lift-off. The blessed of the earth
are the the rich and powerful.

Others chased off weak, and poor
settlers and grabbed their land, legally
or by other means. The indigenous peoples;
they almost removed them from the face of
the earth.

Bootlegging was big business. It made
many millions for some of the most
powerful people in America today.
Money talks loudly and washes sparkling
white. Do not be fooled. Get rich by the
means available to you, but stay within the law.

In the long run your money will sanitize you.

President George W. Bush was able to
behave the way he did toward the poor people
of New Orleans in regards to Katrina because
they were poor, mostly African-American,
which is synonymous with poverty,
therefore, with powerlessness.

Similarly, thousands of American citizens were
disenfranchized in Florida, thereby allowing
presidential candidate George W. Bush to
win the election by the smallest of majorities.
Those voters were mostly Black, therefore, poor
and powerless. Get rich, get powerful.